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Outsiders, Herat, Afghanistan | Steve McCurry

Islam teaches the world how to treat all the "Outsiders"; photo opportunities taken by Steve McCurry, from capturing the pain suffered by slaves living their hell out in Herat, Afghanistan

#Syrian-children. WHY

Children under rubble from bombings is a very unsettling photograph.

Image detail for -the children of gaza looking like the children of darfur

Malnourishment is a huge problem in developing countries. About 1 in every 4 children under the age of 5 are malnourished in the world. This is very dangerous for infants because they are supposed to be rapidly growing.

hunger sudan

From "Sudan Famine" series by Tom Stoddart. This shouldn't even BE an issue. Most of the food produced in America is fed to livestock. A good portion of food in America is wasted beyond that (tossed from the plate, left to rot, "expired", etc)

faces of poverty

Save the Children of our World. There's the people who throw food away all the time. It's sad. There really are starving kids in the world.


Day Daily Mass-Massacre of Children Happening under Our Watch Every Day ~ Economist's Journey to Life