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Explore the adventurous and independent nature of Sagittarius zodiac sign. Learn about their positive qualities, compatibility with other signs, and how to make the most of their energy.
Zodiac Constellation Of Sagittarius In Engraving Style. Vector Retro Graphic Illustration Of Astrological Sign Centaur. Stock Vector - Illustration of icon, isolated: 178150182 Astrology, Sagittarius, Astrology Zodiac, Astrological Sign, Zodiac Constellations, Zodiac Constellation Art, Sagittarius Star Sign, Astrology Signs, Sagittarius Constellation

Zodiac constellation of Sagittarius in engraving style. Vector retro graphic illustration of astrological sign Centaur.. Illustration about icon, label, centaur, banner - 178150182

Symotyuk Yuriy
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This is the final illustration from The Mermaid Zodiac series - Sagittarius! This painting celebrates the sign of the centaur archer! I painted her as an ichthyocentaur from greek mythology. The birthstone is featured on the arrow and in her armor. As with the other zodiac signs, the constellation is included in the background. See my latest artwork at: https://yasuartstudio.com

Davon Eval