Yoga breathing techniques

Enhance your yoga practice with powerful breathing techniques. Explore different techniques to calm your mind, improve focus, and boost energy levels for a more fulfilling yoga experience.
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Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi shodhana pranayama in Sanskrit) is a beginner breathing exercises yoga pose, that belongs to the abs and chest. Follow the Pin link to learn more about this asana in our Yoga Pose Directory – a free guide for yoga teacher training students and at-home practitioners alike! ©WorkoutLabs

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“Just Breathe” may sound like an infuriating suggestion when you are feeling overwhelmed. But when done correctly, breathing may be the key to finally getting a handle on your stress.Stress is typically accompanied by fast, shallow breathing, which can make a stress reaction even worse. Studies have shown that deep breathing exercises can help combat stress significantly¹ and may also have a positive impact on depression², heart rate, and blood pressure³. When practicing deep breathing, you…

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Breathing is the very essence of life and, despite taking roughly a half-billion breaths over the course of your life, you may not give it much consideration since it occurs automatically. Not only does breath sustain life, the way we breathe can influence our thoughts and physiology, and vice versa. Yoga breathwork (pranayama) can positively…

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