Writing workshop

Unleash your inner writer and enhance your skills with a writing workshop. Discover exciting techniques, receive feedback, and join a community of fellow writers to take your craft to the next level.
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Launching Writer’s Workshop in the Primary Classroom

Teacher Truth- I used to despise teaching Writer's Workshop. I understood the structure of the workshop model and the focus of each grading period, however, I didn't really know WHAT to teach each day during my mini-lessons. Fast forward a couple of years, and I had an amazing opportunity to visit an amazing teacher's classroom and observe her in action and I fell in love with her writing instruction! And then the next year, my amazing team and I decided to each tackle one subject and share…

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How to Start Writing Workshop at the Beginning of the Year - Not So Wimpy Teacher

Teaching writing using a workshop model made my instruction so much more meaningful! You can read about my typical day of writing by clicking HERE. Getting the writing workshop started at the beginning of the school year can be so daunting! It doesn't have to be! Let me help you to get started! I have

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The Ultimate Writing Workshop Routines Guide — TeachWriting.org

Every teacher on the planet knows that the first weeks of school are all about routines, routines, routines and more routines. There are the super obvious routines to discuss like what to do when you have to go to the bathroom or get water, what to do when you want to speak, how to turn work in and

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