Woodworking vise

Discover the best woodworking vise tools to enhance your woodworking projects. Improve your woodworking skills with high-quality vises that provide stability and precision for all your woodworking needs.
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Think of a bench vise as a tool that's as essential to your success as a hand plane, router, or tablesaw. Although clamps might substitute in some situations, they tend to get in the way, and a vise gives you freedom to do almost any type of work. Woodworking vises differ from metalworking vises in that they attach to the bottom of the bench surface or are built into it, with (typically wood) jaws flush with the benchtop. Metalworking vises usually mount to the top of a bench.

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DIY Woodworking Vise: I'm moving my workshop from the cellar into the garage to have more space. I built my own workbench and what's still missing, is a woodworking vise. There are several vise sets online, but I want to build my own one. In this Instructable you can fol…

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Give your workbench the holding power it deserves. Let’s face it; a workbench without vises is basically just an assembly table. Vises provide the muscle for securing workpieces for planing, sawing, routing, and other tooling operations. Of the myriad commercial models, the venerable Record vise is one that has stood t

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