Wood packaging

Explore creative and sustainable wood packaging ideas for shipping your products. Enhance your brand image while reducing environmental impact with these innovative packaging solutions.
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Palais Principe - corporate & web design

Where would the incomparable Viennesestyle of lived history and savoir-vivre feel more authentic than in an imposingArt Nouveau building, in a place that has been classified as one of the mostimportant and most vibrant of the city since Roman times? At th…

Kostantinos Georgiadis
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Firewood Vodka (Concept)

Designed by Constantin Bolimond, Belarus.Firewood - pieces of wood used for burnning in furnaces, fireplaces or a fire for having heat and light.This definition of Firewood gives Wikipedia.Vodka the "Firewood" warms not only Your boby, but Your soul too.With just a few sips of the botle contents, You dont need to burn firewood))

Emily Trevino
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Rivian R1S: Beyond the packaging benefits!

The LA Motor Show exhibition was utilized by electric car manufacturer startup Rivian to introduce its newest product called R1S. The SUV car that has a capacity of carrying seven passengers is already taking the storm due to the great power it contained. Rivian did not want to joke around by embedding the power of four

Design Listicle
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Inbox – Designer Shipping Boxes

Design Agency: Design Studio Labyrinth-BCNProject Type: Self PromotionLocation: Barcelona, SpainPackaging Materials: Rope and Recycled PaperThese miniature shipping boxes, are stamped with the typical vintage symbols you would find on the real ones. The old school InBox shipping crate is a great idea to store all your odds and ends! The set of three InBox includes…

Elise van Heerden
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Good Sport

OWATER hired Alphabet Arm to assist in the naming process and design, identity and packaging for a new product added to their line of electrolyte-enhanced waters. ” We intentionally wanted to avoid the current trend in consumer packaging, which seems to pull from web 2.0 inspired shiny buttons, unnecessary drop shadows, and beveling. We felt […]