Wine bottle design

Discover the most creative and unique wine bottle designs that will impress your guests and elevate your wine-drinking experience. Get inspired to create your own stunning wine bottle designs today.
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Interactive packaging is an awesome way to make your product more fun, more memorable, and sometimes even more useful. These interactive packages are more than just a clever picture – they let the consumer interact with their product in a way that gives it more value than just the product itself.

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This is a designer art project of new brand identity and product line/packaging design/ of rose wine. There are two types of wine, Pinot Noir rose and Champagne Pinot Noir rose. The project includes construction of exhibition stand. The goal of the conce…

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Unbeknownst to some, natural wine is more than just a trend. Wine lovers are starting to consistently turn to natural blends, some even going as far as saying that it’s the new traditional way to make wine. Often unfiltered, the cloudy, often “barnyard-esque” wine is loved for its lack of chemicals. In its most broken-down […]

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