Whitewash brick front porch

Elevate the look of your front porch with a whitewash brick technique. Discover creative ideas to give your outdoor space a fresh and inviting appeal.
German Smear

We are starting a project that will be a cigar lounge for someone with 6 children who needs a place to escape! The room was added onto a blue stone patio, so part of it has the red brick from the exterior now on the

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I did my limewash brick house last year after doing WEEKS of research. Even though it's a simple process, none of the tutorials I found were clear--and I ended up running into so many issues that could have been prevented! For that reason, this post is intended to be the complete, ultimate, ONLY guide you

Rachel Hunt
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It’s time for the very first flip update! Last week I shared the Before Tour, so now that we’re all up to speed on what we’re working with, let’s talk about everything that happened last week. I’ve documented & recapped it all the in the Cottage House Flip Episode 2: First, there was some demo. Remember […]

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