White sage smudge

Uncover the ancient practice of white sage smudge and its powerful effects in cleansing and purifying your space. Explore top ideas on how to incorporate white sage smudge into your daily routine for a refreshed and harmonious environment.
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White Sage Smudge Stick Smudge Sticks Sage Smudge Stick - Etsy

White sage smudge stick. Gorgeously fragrant white sage smudge sticks for cleansing your home or moments of meditation. Each stick measures approximately 10–11 cm in length. The price is for one smudge stick. Please note Every crystal is unique, therefore the size, shape, pattern and colour will vary. The colours may appear differently depending on light and screen. International orders are sent as priority mail without tracking. If you wish to add tracking to your order please message me…

Antha R
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Types of Smudge

Smudging is an Indigenous practice used to purify and clear the energy in your home and your auric field. Typically, smudging is done by using the smoke from a bundle of dried herbs such as sage, lavender or rosemary. Palo Santo, tree resins, and tobacco can also be used for this practice. The smoke from these plants, harnesses the purifying properties of the fire and helps to carry away any intrusive or toxic energy from your home and/or your body.