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Take your watercolor paintings to the next level with these expert tips. Learn how to create beautiful and vibrant artwork that will impress everyone.
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This is such a simple and fun way to create watercolor landscapes. When painting landscapes with watercolor PAPER MATTERS! Comment “landscape” and I’ll...

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​Have you ever tried to paint shadows in watercolor and been disappointed with the result? I remember when I started painting I had problems with shadows. Sometimes the color was totally wrong, the results looked muddy, or they just didn’t look convincing. So how should you paint shade and shadows in watercolors? Painting lifelike and

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If you're just getting into watercolors or you've been painting for a while, sometimes it's fun to just experiment with techniques that you don't normally use when painting. I usually only paint using the basic watercolor techniques (see #1-#3) , but some of these are really fun to play around with,

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As a watercolour beginner, you're probably making a lot of painting mistakes. So check out these solutions to learn how to paint with skill and confidence!

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