Water from air

Discover innovative methods and technologies to generate clean and fresh water from the air. Explore top ideas to ensure a sustainable water supply for your needs.
Water-collecting pyramid by Joseph Cory & Eyal Malka. Good for remote and polluted areas because the water is free and pure. Which makes it good for any area really. Water From Air, Rainwater Harvesting System, Water Challenge, Making Water, Rain Water Collection System, Rain Collection, Water Collection, Rainwater Harvesting, Safe Water

WatAir – Dew-Catching Pyramid by Joseph Cory & Eyal Malka - Yanko Design

WaterAid and Arup's drawing water challenge to find new ways to deal with water and sanitation issues has come up with some potentially winning ideas. The winning entry is 'WatAir' - a 96m, inverted pyramid array of panels that collects dew from the air and turns it into 48 litres of fresh water per day.

Arianna Griffith
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DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator

DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator: Atmospheric Water Generator Introduction I can't drink the water supplied from our city, and the atmospheric Water generators out there cost more than many can afford. So I made one for a little over $300. That is one sixth the pr…

Trish Dubbeld