Water cycle song

Explore fun and educational water cycle songs that will help you understand the journey of water. Sing along and deepen your knowledge about this fascinating natural process.
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This last week was all about the water cycle in our classrooms. With such limited time for science these days, we've narrowed our weather unit down to water cycle, and are kids are loving it! We've used some great freebies before from The First Grade Parade, but these year felt like we needed some new stuff. We started by introducing some sweet song, and making a chart as a class to introduce the water cycle. Here are two of the songs that we sang with our kiddos. If you'd like a copy just…

Shelly Cobb Cummings
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We had some unexpected guests that arrived a tad early on Tuesday, so this little teacher is scrambling to finish up weather because... our mealworms have arrived! a week early! I tried to convince them it was NOT anything alive, but there is no foolin' kids who are expecting mealworms, crickets, butterflies, and chicken eggs! We will have lots to show you, but not yet! So to keep them fully invested in weather for a few more days we made the water cycle! Of course this is Pinterest inspired…

Kelly Oster