Voodoo halloween

Get ready to cast a spell with these unique voodoo Halloween costume ideas. Stand out from the crowd and create a spooky atmosphere with these captivating outfits.
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DIY CREEPY Halloween Moss-Video DIY CREEPY Halloween Moss Doesn’t this pathway look creepy??? Better yet, it’s even creepier at night when you can’t see anything, but you feel it touching you as you walk. As my trick-or-treaters approach this passageway, they definitely pause to look around before continuing on, not knowing if someone or SOMETHING is hiding ahead […]

Adrian Barrett
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Voodoo Swamp, also commonly referred to as Spirit Swamp Tours, was one of the two themes created by Spirit Halloween for the 2015 Halloween season. It featured a decrepit wooden shack built in crooked angles, that appeared to be burning. In front of the shack was a small dock from which a tire hung. The shack was surrounded by a swamp filled with dead trees and marsh foliage. Black Jumping Spider Cerberus (2015) Compost Corpse Creepy Rising Doll (2015) Flaming Black Widow Ghost Writing Book…