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Discover a collection of creative visual poster designs that will inspire your next project. Explore unique ideas to create eye-catching posters that grab attention and convey your message effectively.
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For the 2020 Virtual AIGA Design Conference the Design Educators Community Steering Committee (DEC) invited graduate students to submit research posters and/or visual essays that address the topic of Bridging Digital and Physical Experiences, which is one of the trends defined in AIGA’s Design...

Avegail Alcovendas

Jerry-Lee Bosmans is a Dutch visual artist based in Nijmegen, Netherlands, specializing in contemporary 2D graphic art that is often characterized by vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and playful compositions. Bosmans bold, experimental poster designs have won over the hearts of many, especially in the design and technology scene, and his clients include the likes of Apple, Instagram, and Target. In his “Printmaking Challenge” series you can see Bosmans progress and development through…

Paul Jarca