Vintage christmas recipes

Transport yourself back in time with these mouthwatering vintage Christmas recipes. From classic gingerbread cookies to festive fruitcake, discover the perfect dishes to add a nostalgic touch to your holiday celebrations.
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Vintage Christmas recipes can bring back memories of past Christmases and help keep family traditions alive. This year bring out some of your old favorites and try some of these as well.

lisa heese
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An old fashioned way to steam a pudding and a great way to recycle old baked bean tins; these spiced mixed fruit rolls are easy to slice to serve and are also lovely buttered like tea loaf when cold. This recipe is based on several WW2 ration book recipes that I found in various books, where no eggs and sugar are used. Makes two bake bean tin fruit rolls to serve 4 greedy people or 6 restrained diners!