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Learn how to leverage video content marketing to drive engagement and increase brand visibility. Discover top strategies and tips to create compelling videos that resonate with your audience and drive conversions.
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Online marketing is multifaceted and requires many different skills. There are several great tools and resources available to us when creating new marketing materials. One resource that has become a vital tool at Mama Hen Media is Canva. We love how versatile and simple the platform is.

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Infographic showing my content marketing funnel. It shows the different stages, what they are called and the types of content that are right for each stage. Click the link to hear the full list of content for each stage. Content Marketing, Instagram, Ideas, Content Marketing Strategy Social Media, Content Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Tools, Content Marketing Infographic, Marketing Strategy Social Media, Content Marketing Plan

If you want your content marketing to succeed, you need to strategise rather than produce content on the hoof. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to create a content marketing strategy with funnels. Content marketing funnels, sometimes called sales funnels or purchasing funnels are a key tool in a marketer’s skill set. Here is my infographic guide to building a content marketing strategy using funnels.

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