Velvet diy crafts

Add a touch of luxury to your crafts with velvet. Explore unique DIY ideas using velvet fabric to create stunning and elegant projects that will impress everyone.
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Velvet Embossing

Fifteen years ago, the look of cut velvet in home decor was all the rage. This is the technique I used to achieve the look at home on the cheap, for table runners, Christmas stockings, and wine bottle bags. What ever tickles your fancy. The cast of characters: An iron, a water mister bottle, a rubber stamp, and velvet. The velvet must be made of rayon or rayon-acetate. Set your iron on the wool or cotton setting with no steam. Mist both sides of your velvet lightly, with water. Place the…

Theresa Hierl
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Emboss Velvet With Rubber Stamps and a Household Iron

Emboss Velvet With Rubber Stamps and a Household Iron: Embossed velvet is striking and beautiful. Images are sunk into the pile of the velvet so that you get a textural as well as visual effect. The images often also take on an iridescent quality. Embossing velvet is easier than one might think... T…

Karen Sanders