Upward facing dog

Learn how to properly do the upward facing dog pose and improve your yoga practice. Discover the benefits of this pose and take your yoga routine to the next level.
#Repost @paulinawangs_yogastudio ・・・ Note

#Repost @paulinawangs_yogastudio ・・・ Note

Upward Facing Dog Pose

Upward Facing Dog, also known as Urdhva Mukha Svanasana, is a popular yoga pose that stretches the chest, shoulders, and spine, while also strengthening the arms and wrists. Proper alignment in this pose is crucial to avoid strain and injury. Here you can find some alignment tips for Upward Facing Dog.

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Last week I linked to Nadine's post on pelvic alignment for upward facing dog. This week, more on that pesky SI joint in the tricky transition between plank pose and upward facing dog. For me, plank pose really sets the tone of your sun salutations, so it's worth spending some time to make sure you are set up properly. If you have SI issues and you naturally tend towards an anterior pelvic tilt (or as Nadine calls it, "sexy back" - LOL), then plank pose is another pose where you want to tuck…

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