Type b personality

Learn about the traits and characteristics of Type B personality and how it differs from Type A. Discover tips on embracing your Type B personality and living a balanced and fulfilling life.
Type B people know how to build good relations with others and most often are considered likable people. Personality Types, Type B Personality, Type A Personality, Personality Tips, Personality Traits, Fun Loving, Planner Bullet Journal, Type A, Manners

Type B Personality people are outgoing, enthusiastic, energetic, and have buoyancy. They enjoy being around people but thrive on being the center of attraction. Learn more about it. #typebpersonality #personalitytypes #personalitytraits #thepleasantpersonality

Maria Andreea
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Personality is so interesting to me. Why do people do what they do? This interest has helped me a lot in relationships: The first year Randy and I were married I remember having a conversation about something—I can't remember what—and I distinctly remember my response to what he said: "I can't believe you think that."