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Explore a wide range of fun and stylish tricycle bikes for all ages. From classic designs to modern features, find the perfect tricycle bike for your next adventure.
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Marcos Raimundo Bacelar
Three-wheel Bike for the Elderly and Infirm - 4 Wheel Bicycle, Three Wheel Electric Scooter, Three Wheel Bicycle, Foldable Electric Bike, Trike Bicycle, Velo Cargo, Adult Tricycle, Tricycle Bike, Electric Trike

[INQ. NO. 1401C07] Designed by KOEN, this is a three-wheel bike to help the elderly or infirm to ride more comfortably. Based on creativity and deep understanding of the product-user relationship, KOEN incorporated various user-friendly features. Riders need to pedal, but the electric motor provides a helping hand. The under-bone type frame makes it easier […]

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