Tree sculpture

Transform your space with stunning tree sculpture ideas. Enhance your decor and bring nature indoors with these beautiful and unique creations.
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Other questions I received this week concerned the sculpting medium we use for our projects. There are many on the market. We use Abracadabra Sculpt. It is a two part epoxy putty (much the same consistency as plasticene I used as a kid). It is mixed in equal quantities and then sculpted. Once it cures it is rock hard and durable! The sculpt is sold in kits in various sizes from two pounds to a hundred pounds (two five gallon buckets). The more…

Denise Hatcher
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D&Z sculpture manufacturer are professional metal sculptures manufacturer special for all kinds of outdoor metal sculpture, such as large stainless steel deer sculpture, stainless steel balloon dog sculpture, large horse sculptures and more than other animal sculptures.

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