Treble crochet stitch

Learn how to create beautiful crochet projects with the treble crochet stitch. Follow these easy tips and techniques to enhance your crochet skills and create stunning designs.
a picture showing 2 3-treble crochet cluster stitches crocheted with white yarn Crochet, Diy, Clothes, Granny Squares, Haken, Stitch, Crochet Videos, Crochet 101, Crochet Ideas

Learn how to crochet a 3 treble cluster stitch (3-tr cluster or 3-tr cl) or if you use UK crochet terminology, a 3 double treble cluster stitch (3-dtr cluster). While making a few Daisy Granny Squares, I realized that even though these squares are extremely easy, crochet beginners might find it challenging to make a 3-tr cluster. So, in this quick tutorial, we’ll see how to crochet a cluster made with 3 treble crochet stitches.

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