Travel outfits

Get ready for your next adventure with these fashionable travel outfits. Discover stylish and comfortable outfits that are perfect for exploring new destinations.
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In case you have travel plans this holiday season I styled a few looks to keep you feeling chíc and cozy. I included some outfits great for traveling but would also work for running errands or school drop off. I used some of my favorite coats and sneakers. I hope these give you new...

Ashley Robinett
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A lot of the time, packing light really just means “wearing boring clothing”. And it’s NO FUN. Nobody wants to go on vacation wearing practical walking shoes and plain t-shirts. But nobody wants to lug around a giant suitcase (and pay insane baggage fees) either. Fortunately, with the right minimalist travel wardrobe, you can have...Read the Post

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There is nothing quite like loading yourself into a single, poorly padded, seat for multiple hours that can soon lead to some major discomfort. But don’t let that stop you from exploring! You can survive a long-haul flight if you pack some airplane essentials and know a few tips for what to wear on a long flight and what seat to pick!

Fernanda Camerini