Travel english

Prepare for your next adventure with these essential travel English phrases. Learn how to navigate airports, ask for directions, and have basic conversations in English.
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↪ filling the gaps with the right vocabulary, ↪ a dialogue at the check-in-desk,↪ matching the pictures with the right words. Words:seat belts  carry - on bag  delayed  take off  flight attendant  luggage  boarding passes  check-in desk  departure lounge  arrival lounge  airportgate 6A  over the allowed weight  boarding passes  scale  flying  stop over - ESL worksheets

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Speaking actvity for A2 or B1 srudents. Students look at the chart with information about three different holiday destinations. Then they match the questions below to the answers in the example. Finally, student a takes destination 1 and student b chooses destination 2. They ask the questions in exercise 2 and answer according to the chart.More activities…