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Experience the vibrant city of Tokyo with our top travel ideas and tips. From must-visit attractions to hidden gems, discover everything you need to plan your perfect trip to Tokyo.
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Because I had such high expectations of Tokyo, I was afraid I would eventually be disappointed (hello tourist traps). Luckily my expectations were definitely met. Because even though Tokyo definitely is a very touristic destination, this doesn't bother me as much as it would with other places. This is probably because I already expect a

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This is the ultimate first-timer's guide to spending 5 full days in Tokyo, Japan. This Tokyo guide includes everything from what Tokyo neighborhoods to go to, to what to eat. Tokyo 5 Days itinerary | Tokyo itineraries | Tokyo itinerary first time | Tokyo best things to do | Tokyo best places to visit | Tokyo Japan travel destinations | best Tokyo restaurants | Tokyo best food | Tokyo best spots | best things to do in Tokyo | Best things to see in Tokyo | Tokyo at night | Tokyo food guide

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