Third world

Explore the complexities of third world countries and discover how we can make a positive impact. Learn about the challenges they face and the potential for growth and development.
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Last updated: June 2016 Third World in 2016 THIRD WORLD - OFFICIAL DISCOGRAPHY: 1) Albums: .1976 - Third World .1977 - 96º Degrees In The Shade .1978 - Journey To Addis .1979 - The Story's Been Told .1980 - Arise In Harmony .1980 - Prisoner In The Street (Live) .1981 - Rock The World .1982 - You've Got The Power .1983 - All The Way Strong .1985 - Sense Of Purpose .1987 - Hold On To Love .1989 - Serious Business .1992 - Committed .1995 - Live It Up .1999 - Generation Coming - (Reissue: "Tuff…

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