Third grade math centers

Enhance your students' learning with these fun and interactive math centers designed specifically for third graders. Explore top ideas to make math more enjoyable and engaging in your classroom.
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Comparing Fractions in 3rd grade with Dice and Dominoes Math Centers

Comparing fractions can be hard for students AND teachers. Here are 3 tips to make comparing fractions more engaging for your 3rd graders!

Annie Vignola
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Math Centers 3rd Grade | 3rd Grade Math Games

Finally! Math centers that are aligned to the standards, easy to manage, and perfect for 15-20 minute rotations! Exactly what I needed for when I’m working with my small groups. I can focus on my [group] knowing that my students are fully engaged. I don’t have time to prep math activities so this is the […]

Kristina Mckeel
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Math TriFolds Bundles - Math Tech Connections

Math brochures for your guided math groups! Math Tri-Folds are my go-to resource when it comes to guided math groups. Here’s why: Fill out the form below and you’ll receive an email with 18 FREE math tri-folds! Shop Grades 1-6 “These are PERFECT for what my admin is looking for!! I love that I can truly […]

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2nd Grade Math: Multiplication

In 2nd Grade, students work to build a conceptual foundation for multiplication, which will prepare them for applying these skills in 3rd grade. Making

Angie Tyson
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4th Grade Math Centers | 4th Grade Math Games

It was my second year of teaching 3rd grade when I decided to move towards a math workshop model. My students were struggling with many math concepts and whole group instruction was not helping. The idea of math centers sounds great, but it can quickly get overwhelming. I’ve listed some problems I faced and also […]

Amanda Hull
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How to Run 3rd Grade Math Centers Successfully - The Friendly Teacher

I get asked often how to run math centers in the third grade classroom. Today, I am going to share with you exactly how to run math centers in your classroom.

Lisa Tolin
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How to Ditch The Stress of Managing Math Centers - Teaching with Jillian Starr

When I taught whole group, or had every student rotate through the same centers each week, I was barely keeping my head above water. I was ALWAYS putting out fires while a line of students followed me around the classroom asking for help. Sound familiar?

Missey Evers