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Explore a collection of stunning artwork inspired by The Mortal Instruments series. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Shadowhunters and bring a touch of fantasy to your space.
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Isabelle Sophia Lightwood is a Shadowhunter currently under the New York Conclave. She is the only daughter of Robert and Maryse Lightwood, the sister of Alec and Max, and the adoptive sister of Jace Herondale. Isabelle was born to Maryse and Robert Lightwood in New York. She was born in 1991, two years after her brother Alec, and about seven years before their younger brother, Max. She was about nine years old when Jace Wayland was adopted into their family. Hearing from her mother that…

Staci Parrish
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Simon Lovelace, born Simon Lewis, is Clary Fairchild's best friend and parabatai and Isabelle Lightwood's fiancé. A mundane when he was originally introduced to the Shadow World, Simon was once turned into a vampire, and later to a Daylighter. He is a hero of the Mortal and Dark wars. After a turn of events, Simon's immortality was taken away, along with his memories. To help him regain these memories, Simon Ascended and became a Shadowhunter himself. Simon Lewis was born into a Jewish…