The catacombs

Discover the secrets and history hidden beneath the surface as you venture into the eerie depths of the catacombs. Uncover fascinating stories and immerse yourself in the dark allure of this underground world.
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Underground Paris: The Catacombs | Submerged Oaks

I'm a sucker for history and hidden things in a city. We like to see the big sights, but we also take great joy in exploring the lesser known parts of cities when we travel. One of the things I really wanted to do with our time in Paris was make a visit to the catacombs. While not secret by any mean

The Family Jewels
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When Do Human Remains Become Art? Visiting The Paris Catacombs - Books And Travel

When do human remains become art? I considered this question as I walked through the Paris Catacombs recently. It was the second time I had visited, so I knew what to expect, but the impact of so many bones, so many lives, was still strong.

Tarsem Singh Bhullar