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ty • Naturally acquired active immunity • Artificially acquired active immunity 3. Which organs and/or glands are superior to the liver? Choose ALL answers that apply. • Lungs • Parathyroid gland • Kidneys • Thymus 4. Which cavity contains all of the frontal cavities? Choose only ONE best answer. • Dorsal • Thoracic • Abdominopelvic • Ventral 5. Which of the following carry oxygenated blood? Choose ALL answers that apply. • Pulmonary artery • Pulmonary vein • Aorta • Superior vena cava…

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e area of the rectangle is 32 in square. Which of the following represents the length of the triangle {ANS} - 8in Which of the following fractional representations is equivalent to 0.897? {ANS} - 897/1000 which of following is the solution to the equation -9(k-17) -54 {ANS} - -11 Which of the following correctly rounds the value below to the hundredths place? 1782.96471 {ANS} - 1,782.96 A consumer makes a $400 down payment on television that costs $1,570. Which of the following is the number…

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