Teaching social studies

Enhance your social studies lessons with these engaging teaching ideas. Explore interactive activities and resources to make learning social studies fun and educational.
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Are your students loving their social studies classroom or are they feeling that it is an extension of their ELA class? Are you wondering how to increase student engagement in the classroom so that your student cannot wait to come into your classroom and learn? Keep reading for ideas to incorporate all learning styles into ... Read more

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Teaching social studies is more of a challenge than ever before. Here are 5 key trends for 2024 to help your teaching be less stressful and more impactful for your students.

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If you have 10 minutes left in your social studies class and don't know what to teach, you will love these creative social studies teaching strategies!

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Having a little time at the end of class is something my students look forward to because they have an opportunity to do fun five minute social studies activities. If you find yourself with a

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