Tea rose

Enhance your garden with the beauty of tea roses. Explore different varieties and learn how to grow and care for these stunning flowers to create a vibrant and fragrant outdoor space.
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Tea, damask, polyantha, oh my! There are so many kinds of roses that it can all be a bit confusing. If you’re wondering what a shrub rose or a tea rose is, or what separates modern types from old garden roses, this is the guide for you. Learn about rose classification now on Gardener's Path. #roses #gardenerspath

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Resistant to rust and mildew, Rosa Pinkerbelle™ is a strongly scented Hybrid Tea rose boasting large, double, cup-shaped, cream-colored flowers packed with 17-25 petals adorned with a hot pink margin. The exquisite blossoms exude a wonderful spicy, verbena fragrance. Blooming in flushes from spring to early fall, they stand out against the lush foliage of dark green leaves. Exceptionally disease resistant, this bushy shrub rose performs very well in climates that are prone to black spot…

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