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Discover effective strategies and practical tips to take action and make progress towards your goals. Start today and turn your dreams into reality.
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Several years ago, a leader in my life told me how she would get up early and read her Bible in the morning. She shared how it was so helpful to start her day that way. I remember thinking, “Well, I could never do that. I’m not a morning person, and I’m SO tired as a mom of a little one.” And that was true. I am not naturally a morning person, and I did have a child who didn’t sleep a whole lot early on. I didn't think there was any possible way that I could get up earlier

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The only thing more important than reaction time is reacting effectively, and not suffering from the “paralysis of analysis,” or staying rooted in place and doing nothing. Practice what you are going to do in a life-threatening situation in each of these areas of your day.

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