Discover the vibrant and expressive world of Tachisme, a movement that emerged as a colorful and dynamic counterpart to Abstract Expressionism. Explore the works of renowned Tachisme artists and immerse yourself in the bold and energetic brushstrokes of this captivating art form.
Henri Michaux. Untitled. 1960 Henri Matisse, Studio, Graffiti, Artist, Allen Ginsberg, Artist List, Artsy, Daniel, Society

Student: I wanted to ask you about Henri Michaux AG: Yes Student: And Ed Dorn, and James Tate AG: Henri Michaux, Ed Dorn and James Tate! - Well, once I was standing on a street corner in Paris, talking with Henri Michaux and Gregory Corso. And, let's see, it was 1965 probably, and we'd known Michaux since (19)58). He'd come to visit. He lived around the block in Paris from Rue Git de Coeur, where we lived. He lived on Rue Segur near the Seine, on the Left Bank. He came in. I'd left a note…

SF Documentarian
No.31 2017 by Robert James Miskines II oil on canvas 14 x 16 in. #art #painting #abstract #abstractexpressionism #actionpainting #tachisme #gutai #informel #automatism

No.31 2017 by Robert James Miskines II oil on canvas 14 x 16 in. #art #painting #abstract #abstractexpressionism #actionpainting #tachisme #gutai #informel #automatism

Art Photography, Contemporary Art, Op Art, Leipzig, Kandinsky, Kunst, Gestural Abstraction, Art Informel, Modern Art

Born in Leipzig, into an artistic family. He studied the work of painters such as Corinth and Nolde, and also learned the basis of French modern art. He studied in the Fine Arts Academies of Dresden and Munich. To prevent succumbing to provincialism, he left in 1927 his native country, and after a bicycle trip through Europe, he moved to Paris. He lived with Anna-Eva Bergmann and established himself in the French town of Leucate and then in the Balearic Island of Minorca. His first…

Adrian Monteiro
Subconscious Art, Unica Zurn, Auto Drawing, Auto Draw, Automatic Drawing, Human Body Art, 3d Printing Art, Drawing Studies, Shadow Art

2016 has been a year of significant art anniversaries. It was the centenary of dada, which I celebrated on this blog. It was the 500-year anniversary of the death of Hieronymus Bosch, which I celebrated by making a pilgrimage to the Noordbrabandts Museum in Den Bosch for an extraordinary exhibition. It was the (alleged) 40th anniversary of punk rock, which I marked by doing a radio interview. This year was also the anniversary of a less known figure in the history of art, Unica Zürn. Zürn…

egg yolk
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Pierre Soulages. Lithograph No. 3. (1957). Lithograph. composition 24 13/16 x 18 15/16" (63.1 x 48.1 cm) sheet 27 7/8 x 19 15/16" (70 x 50.7 cm). Galerie Berggruen, Paris. Mourlot, Paris. Gift of William S. Lieberman. 208.1986. © 2024 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris. Drawings and Prints

Carlisle Sandy
Stael, Nicolas de (1914-1955) - 1946 Flash of Lightning (National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh) Abstract Expressionism, Art, Art Gallery, Rembrandt, Abstract Landscape Painting, Artwork, Art Studies, Matisse, Artist

Oil on canvas; 115.5 x 89 cm. Nicolas de Staël was born on January 5, 1914 in the family of a Russian Lieutenant General, Baron Vladimir Stael von Holstein, (a member of the Staël von Holstein family, and the last Commandant of the Peter and Paul Fortress) and his wife, Olga Sakhanskaya. De Staël's family was forced to emigrate to Poland in 1919 because of the Russian Revolution. Both, his father and stepmother, would die in Poland and the orphaned Nicolas de Staël would be sent with his…

Cecile Garcia

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