Synonyms grade 1

Enhance your language skills with a collection of grade 1 synonyms. Discover fun and educational activities to help young learners build their word knowledge.
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We have prepared a list of worksheets based on synonyms for 2nd grade. It contains 4 pages. It includes answer key. You can download the PDF below, Download: Synonyms Worksheets for 2nd grade

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It amazes me how much class size affects my teaching and my students. I started the year with 31 students. I just lost my second one at the beginning of this week, so I'm down to 29. I've had 2 kids out all week on long vacations and 2 more out sick. So I've had a class of 25 ALL week!! It's been a big difference. Even though the ones gone are little angels and I still have all the hard ones, it really makes a BIG difference!! Our district and researchers keep telling us that class size…

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This past week, we learned about synonyms. The kids really grasped the concept by mid-week! I am excited to see them start using synonyms in their writing during Writing Workshop! Below are a few o

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