Swiss cuisine

Explore the flavors of Swiss cuisine with these mouthwatering recipes. From cheesy fondue to hearty raclette, discover the best dishes that will transport you to the beautiful Swiss Alps.
Looking for things to do in Switzerland? There's no better way to explore the German, French and Italian country then by eating traditional Swiss food. Enjoy unique Swiss recipes at award winning restaurants or cozy Alpine lodges. Our guide to Swiss food features wine, beer, cider, spirits, chocolate, cheese and dishes you can only find in Switzerland. Fork through Swiss fondue and rosti on a food lovers tour! #SwissFood #TraditionalSwissFood #SwissRecipes #ThingsToDoInSwitzerland Swiss Recipes, Swiss Desserts, Swiss Fondue, Things To Do In Switzerland, Swiss Cuisine, Swiss Food, Italian Country, Traditional Dishes, Food Culture

With a few notable exceptions, the traditional recipes of most Swiss regions are borrowed from the adjoining countries of which they are linguistically linked, which makes for very distinctive local cuisines. Save this story to Pinterest so you can look at it later! Best Swiss Dishes in Switzerland While Swiss classics such as rosti and

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