Swimming drills

Enhance your swimming skills and speed with these effective swimming drills. Dive into the pool and discover the top drills to take your swimming to the next level.
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For many beginner swimmers, the flip turn is an elusive skill that seems impossible to master. While it does take a lot of practice, you can learn to flip turn if you put in the work during your workouts! Let’s break down what a good flip turn looks like, and a few drills you can

Valerie Gallegos
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One of the MOST IMPORTANT Drills for new swimmers. THE CATCH UP DRILL Not a wordsmith on this one but hopefully you get the reasoning behind it...

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One of the most common mistakes in technique that we see in all strokes is in the pulling motion of backstroke. Part of the reason for this technical error is that to pull correctly, a swimmer needs to rotate the body significantly from one side to the other. That involves more work. To avoid that extra work, swimmers often choose to minimize the amount of body rotation. To avoid breaking the surface of the water with the hand moving backward, which reduces power, swimmers find an easier…

Trista Snitker