Sweet honesty

Embrace the charm of genuine authenticity with Sweet Honesty. Explore ideas to express your true self and inspire others with your honesty.
LoveTheSeventies: AVON SWEET HONESTY AD FROM 1974 WITH PAM DAWBER FROM MORK & MINDY! Pink, Retro, Bath, Design, Perfume, Versace, Fragrance, Vintage, Beauty Ad

AVON still makes their Sweet Honesty perfume and cologne mist fragrance. Blooming with honey, citrus and vanilla. It's the perfect first, and a favorite to hold onto for years. With a light floral scent, it's a perfect first fragrance for teens and pre-teens. Beautiful, feminine scent that evokes flowers and honey. Sweet - and honest! TEES BELOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN PINK & LIGHT BLUE. CLICK AN IMAGE BELOW TO SEE MORE DETAILS:

Janet Zakrocky