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Breathtaking residential building in Mexico comes with its own vertical forest and solar panels on its terrace Bioclimatic Building, Green Building Design, Vertical Forest, Detail Arsitektur, Green Facade, Facade Architecture Design, In Harmony With Nature, Harmony With Nature, Building Concept

Breathtaking residential building in Mexico comes with its own vertical forest and solar panels on its terrace - Yanko Design

Living The Noom's design is everything you want from a building - an unusually beautiful organic structure, covered with a lush tone of green brought about by t

Green roof a revolution in sustainable architecture Green Building Architecture Sustainable Design, Passive Cooling Architecture, Passive Cooling Techniques, Sustainable Architecture Diagram, Eco Roof, Sustainable Architecture Concept, Sustainable Architecture House, Green Building Architecture, Green Roof Design

Passive Cooling: Benefits of Green Roof

As the climate is changing we need to adopt some passive cooling techniques to cool down our house not just to depend on mechanical cooling because it harms our nature. Having these kind of passive techniques can bring lots of changes. To read more about passive cooling and green roof click on the image you will be redirected to the main article... #pin #pinterest #pinterestcreators #greenroof #roofs #passive #passivecooling #sustainable #evaporation #cool #nature #layakarchitect…

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This modular treehouse is a sustainable school designed for the new normal! | Yanko Design

Remember that sweet childhood memory of spending summer afternoons in the treehouse playing pretend games with your friends? Something I believe everyone has be

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Properties of climate specific architectual design:  Hot-arid: maximum themal mass walls, minimal windows with shading, light colored exterior finishes, evaporative cooling  Cold:  Compact form, interior thermal mass, dark exterior finishes, south facing windows with summer shades  Hot-humid: Maximize overhangs and shading, High ceilings, light materials and light exterior finishes, maximize openings for cross ventilation,   Temperate:  Medium exterior finishes, maximize shading to the west, rec Sustainable Farmhouse Design, Self Sufficient House Design, Smart House Design Architecture, Eco Room Design, Climate Friendly House, Sustainable Desert Home, Smart Building Design, Interior Design Sustainable, Sustainable Design Concept

Climate-Specific Architectural Design: Building Eco-Friendly Homes for Diverse Climates

Discover how climate-specific architectural design creates eco-friendly homes for diverse climates. Embrace sustainability and harmony with nature.

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