Steampunk pirate

Unleash your inner pirate with these captivating steampunk pirate ideas. Discover unique ways to incorporate steampunk elements into your pirate-themed costumes and accessories for an adventurous and stylish look.
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Steampunk outfit for bjd, by NikaNika.(body soom Super Gem, SD, Iplehouse SiD, EiD)

Included outfit: Bolero jacket - taffeta silk leather, lining viscose. Stylized corset - 100% silk taffeta + lawsuit. leather, embellished belts, buckles, scrap clockworks. Dress and shorts - delicate muslin. Stockings - Lace stretch. Basic skirt - 100% silk taffeta + trim straps and buckles. Blindfold - leather trim - hour scrap. Large belt with bag and compartments for cartridges - leather, metal. Small bag with belt - leather, metal. Belt with chains - leather, metal.

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