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Discover creative and practical ideas to make the most out of your Sprinter van build. Get inspired to create a personalized and functional living space on wheels.
DIY Novices Create $226K Campervan Marvel: Bed Descends From Ceiling, Toilet Slides from Bathroom to Garage - Living in a shoebox Caravan, Garages, Camper, Van Conversion Interior, Campervan Interior, Camper Van Life, Van Living, Camper Conversion, Van Conversion

Travel enthusiasts Edden Ram, a filmmaker, and Nicole Sun, an artist, have always had a passion for exploring the world. After years of globetrotting, they decided to take their adventures up a notch. Looking for a blend of comfort and style in their travels, they jumped into the van life trend and splurged on a 2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Having shelled out $58,000 for their new van, Edden and Nicole dove into transforming it into their dream luxury home on wheels. The twist? Neither of…

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Off grid living can get real messy, real quick. Messiness is heightened further when you’re living in a tiny house and even more so when you’re constantly on the move by travelling in a van. A tidy atmosphere is essential for comfortable living off grid and waking up to an organised space is a stress-free […]

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