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Feb 9, 2021 - Oct 28, 2020 - I think you'll agree with me when I say, that food has the center stage in the life of all living beings on our planet. You are probably aware that, your food choices have a big impact on the quality of your physical and spiritual health. In fact, food directly influences your physical and astral (linga sharira) body.

Deena Jackson

Are you putting the right fuel into your body? I decided to change my relationship with food by focusing on high vibration food and mindful eating.

Cupid Lullaby
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If you’ve been lurking in the online spirituality space, you’ve probably heard of a “high vibration diet” before. You probably thought to yourself, “great, another diet that I’m supposed to follow!” And honestly, I can’t say I blame you. There are so many diets out there: Keto Raw vegan Whole 30 It’s hard to keep …

Lydia Martin