Spicy tuna

Add some heat to your meals with these mouthwatering spicy tuna recipes. From sushi rolls to salads, discover new ways to enjoy the bold flavors of tuna.
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Let’s learn how to make spicy tuna crispy rice at home and even better! Imagine crispy rice cakes topped with creamy avocado, perfectly seasoned sashimi grade tuna, spicy mayo, and sesame seeds. It’s a delicious appetizer or if you want, it can also be a main dish if you eat a few which I did […]

Emily Wright

Super Bowl Sunday is exactly one week away, meaning I have only seven days to craft up some funky builicious game day recipes. I started my football showdown countdown with a nachos recipe, since it's rare and almost offensive not to watch a sporting event at home without gorging on some nachos. Try adding some

Jennifer Herd