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Oct 4, 2019 - Basic Synonym Words in English Word Synonym Large Big Exit Leave Present Gift Alike Same Stone Rock Last Final Easy Simple False Untrue Above Over Difficult Hard Write Record Mistake Error Occur Happen Eat Consume Trip Journey Sad Unhappy Good Fine Job Occupation Infant Baby Select Choose Accurate Correct Always Forever Connect Join Clarify Explain Awful Terrible Bizarre Weird Delicate Fragile Disappear Vanish Silent Quite Show Display Rude Impolite Annoy…

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English Informal and Formal Words List; Informal Formal Ask for Request Look into Investigate Refer to Consult Hungry Famished But However Wrong Incorrect Mad Insane Let Allow Eager Avid Dare Challenge Hurt Damage Show Demonstrate Avoid Evade Sick ill Give up Quit Empty Vacant Mend Repair Idea Notion See Observe Need Require Informal Formal Live Reside Whole Entire Blow up Explode Thanks Gratitude Worse Inferior Keep Preserve Dim Indistinct Death Demise Job Occupation Dad Father Hopeless…

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English Detailed List of Contractions Word Contraction are not aren’t cannot can’t could not couldn’t did not didn’t do not don’t does not doesn’t had not hadn’t have not haven’t he is he’s he has he’s he will he’ll he would he’d here is here’s I am I’m I have I’ve I will I’II I would I’d I had I’d is not isn’t it is it’s it has it’s it has it’s it will it’ll must not mustn’t she is she’s she has she’s she will she’ll Word Contraction she had she’d should not shouldn’t that is that’s there…

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