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Explore the latest software architecture ideas and designs to create scalable and efficient systems. Improve your development process and enhance the performance of your software with these top ideas.
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However: - The map is not the territory. - Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. - Understand all of this, but use only what you need. - The actual architecture is driven by the project requirements. Infrastructure User Interface Web server HTTP SMS Server Command...


> This article is a summary of what I'm writing about in my newest project, - The Handbook to Software Design and Architecture with TypeScript []. Check it out it you like this post. It's crazy to me to consider the fact that Facebook was once an empty text file on someone's computer. Lol. This past year, I've been going hard in software design and architecture, Domain-Driven Design [], and writ

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Modular, but still monolithic, architecture used as basis for sample microservices application

Microservices are currently getting a lot of attention. This blog post is the first in a 7-part series about designing, building, & deploying microservices.

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