Small laundry and bathroom combo

Make the most of your space with these functional small laundry and bathroom combo ideas. Discover clever solutions to maximize efficiency and create a stylish, multi-purpose area for your home.

Tony and Charlie Perez have been in the luxury home construction industry for two decades. So, you might think they, too, have a luxury home spanning several hundred feet. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, the pair live in a 290-square-foot tiny house on the outskirts of Sacramento, California, that they lovingly built by themselves for $35,000. Their journey began four years ago when they had contemplated moving back from Africa to California. They had spent several…

Mardy McDowell
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So, where were we? Oh, right — getting ready to remodel our bathroom. To recap: We live on the top floor of a two-family house, and our laundry was down two flights of narrow stairs in the basement. So we decided to remodel our small (and only!) bathroom by moving the toilet across the room and carving out... Continue Reading

Angela Noel