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Discover the beauty and sustainability of slow clothing. Explore top ideas to create a timeless and ethical wardrobe that reflects your unique style.
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bEHIND THE BRAND / PALOROSA Developing a creative relationship with the artisanal weaving culture of Guatemala has, for ex-architect Cecilia Pirani, become central to her beautiful bag brand, Palorosa. From her Milan base her bags have become a global go-to, due to the unique colour combinations and their focus on practicality for everyday use. Here she tells us about the motivation of failure and the creative curiosity that drives her every day. Cecilia wears the Candy Stripe Shirt and LM…

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Starting a conscious closet can be overwhelming and I think price point tends to turn a lot of people away. There is a misconception that ethical fashion has to be more expensive. I don't think it HAS to be expensive. I think you have to know how to shop it. Here are a few brands and discount codes

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Gap and Old Navy have cheap and stylish clothes, but that cheap price tag comes from a company that has a loose and unethical approach to labor. Instead of shopping there, here is a few ideas of other American and ethical companies to buy from instead. Most importantly, Americans need to fight the culture of fast fashion and buy less clothing and more of our wardrobe used.

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My most asked question online to this day: “ Where do you get your clothes? ” I have finally sat down and put together what I hope will be a masterlist of pretty much every single (linkable) piece in my wardrobe. More and more women are seeking a timeless style that defies culture’s push for androgy