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Get inspired by these cozy and stylish slippers patterns to create your own custom pair. Find step-by-step instructions and make your feet happy!
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Kimono Slipper Tutorial By Lauren Mackey Materials Needed: Pattern ( Cut to fit you. I have added a size conversion and measurement chart at the end.) 1/4 Yard Outer Material (I used canvas) 1/4 Yard Inner Material (I used fleece) Optional: Lace/Ribbon, Puffy Paint, other things to decorate with. 1. Cut out pattern pieces. (A,B,C) 2. Pin shoe top pieces right sides together. (You will have two of the larger and two of the smaller) (B,C) 3. Sew only on the side with the concave curve. (B,C)…

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We're out of our deep freeze here in Edmonton, though the weather dropped for a couple of days. I still find myself in need of slipper-wearing in the house. My family has never been big into slippers, so it's hard to motivate myself to make something for them that there's a high chance they won't

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