Shoulder muscles

Build strong and defined shoulder muscles with these effective exercises. Improve your posture and increase upper body strength for better performance in sports and daily activities.
The role of the scapula in Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: part 2 — Rayner & Smale in 2022 | Shoulder anatomy, Human muscle anatomy, Shoulder muscle anatomy Rhomboid Major, Shoulder Muscle Anatomy, Biceps Brachii Muscle, Triceps Brachii Muscle, Neck Muscle Anatomy, Levator Scapulae, Supraspinatus Muscle, Infraspinatus Muscle, Body Muscle Anatomy

Aug 30, 2022 - Part 2 of the shoulder impingement series is an entire blog dedicated to looking at the finer detail of normal functioning of the scapula and then applying this knowledge to scapula assessment and diagnosis of scapula dyskinesis. Before we can move onto rehabilitation pathways, you first need to try decipher what w…

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Chest is one of those body parts I do not work out often. Why? Hmmm I am weak in this area, I feel like it is not as important for women to do...excuses. So really what I am saying is it is an area I need to work on. I think it is important to have a well balanced body which means working out every muscle group.

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