Shape poems

Explore unique shape poem ideas to enhance your expressive writing. Discover how to use shapes to add depth and creativity to your poems.
Shape poems are poems where the words are arranged to form a shape related to the content of the poem. Shape Poems For Kids, Poems For Middle School, Concrete Poem, Shape Poems, Write A Poem, Poetry Unit, 3rd Grade Writing, Poetry Ideas, Poetry For Kids

In addition to Randall Jarrell, my other discovery* of this Increasingly-Inaccurately-Named Accidental Poetry Month™ has been John Hollander. I've mentioned browsed two of his anthologies (Committed to Memory, which is online (follow the links), and The Gazer's Spirit, which led me to this month's first Jarrell poem), and then -- reading in his anthologies having led me to read his poetry -- posted one of his poems from his Oulipian work Powers of Thirteen. My next step was to the library…

Helen Storay